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How long does a propane tank usually last? 

Depending on the heater and what setting you use the heater on, it will vary. Running the normal HSS model on high heat will last about 8 hours while the tabletop HPS model will last about 2-3 hours.


How often does the thermo couple and tilt switch need to be replaced? 

We would recommend customers to change out their thermo couples and tilt switches every 2 years or so.


How much clearance space do I need to have when using these patio heaters?

We advise customers to have at least 3 feet of clearance in all directions to maintain safety.


My propane tank frosted over, what do I do?

Wait until the propane cylinder warms up and becomes unfrosted. If using a tabletop model, it would be convenient to have two propane tanks to switch off between if one ever gets frosted.


My ignitor won't spark up a pilot flame.

Please use an external lighter to light up the heater, your ignitor assembly might be faulty. 


How do I take care of my heater? 

We recommend cleaning the exterior surfaces with warm soapy water. Please do not use flammable or corrosive cleaning agents. As always, when not in use, remember to use a heater cover to prevent dust and debris from cloggin up the pilot tube.


How do I maintain the appearance of my heater? 

A good way to help maintain the appearance of your heater is to use high-quality automobile wax and apply it to exterior surfaces from the pole down. Please do not apply to the emmiter screen or reflector.


Can I send in my heater for servicing?

Yes, we provide heater servicing. If you are having trouble with your heater, feel free to send it in to us for repair. We charge $35 to service the heater minus price for parts. If you are interested in this, please fill out our heater service request form here.

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