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Below are some guides to help you on common problems that customers have with our products.

NOTE: Please ensure that the unit is on a flat and leveled surface to prevent the anti-tilt switch from triggering (if anti-tilt switch is triggered no gas will pass as a safety precaution).

My heater lit before but is not lighting anymore
1.If it does not light please follow this video and do this test to regulator and propane tank to see if there is a leak:  If you get bubbles then regulator is leaking.
2.If regulator is not leaking please remove the head from pole, then open it and blow in the pilot tube + all the vents in center burner very well with an air compressor  poke it out with something hard and flexible like a ziptie, and use pipe cleaner on it.
































3.If the regulator is not leaking and the pilot tube is clear attempt light process again. If it does not light attempt light process with a bbq lighter or external heat source going into the peephole instead of ignitor. If that works then definitely the ignitor is the cause of not lighting.


My pilot flame lights but it goes out after trying to turn it on

Please go through these steps and tell me your results : 


1. Remove the 4 screws from the main head assembly






















2. Remove screen cover from control panel to access burner assembly





































































3. Detach thermo coupler plugs
































































4. Slide plastic back from thermo coupler























5. Cross the thermo couplers into one another and proceed to test unit again






















After all the steps, attempt to light your heater again. If it is able to light, then your tilt switch is bad. If you are still not able to light it, your thermo coupler is bad.

Igniter Arch Not Set Correctly

If your unit's igniter is not working properly, this may be caused by incorrect spacing of the igniter. Please follow the pictures below for how the spacing should be.

HSS Models (1/4 inch from thermo couple)

BFC Models (1/4 in from thermo couple)

NCZH Models (1/3 inch from burner plate)


My control knob is stuck and will not turn.

Take WD40 or some kind of silicone based lubricant and apply it to the stem that the control knob is connected too. Turn the knob to spread lubricant and let it sit for awhile.

NOTE: For tabletop units, please ensure that when it is not in use, disconnect the 1lb propane tank or turn off the valve on the 1lb-20lb propane tank converter.

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